A Milestone Weekend!

It was a big, big weekend in our house. Our littlest sweetie turned one!
birthday boy

I know this is crazy, but I did NOT make his birthday cake. I feel badly about this, but he didn’t seem to mind.
cake on face

The reason I didn’t make his cake is because I was out of town with this gorgeous gal, who had her first competitive cheer competition this weekend.
mom and kate

I was never a cheerleader and don’t claim to know anything about competitive cheer, but Kate has been doing it for a couple of years and her team is awesome. That’s Kate contorting her body in practice before the competition. (Sorry, it’s not the best pic but I get really nervous when she’s up there and my hands shake!)

They won 1st place! Which made them very happy. And sassy.
winning team

So we rushed home from cheer to have a party for the little man. He loved the cake. He hated the balloons. And he loved his new toys.
open presents

And the best part? He actually started walking on his birthday!

So, yep, it was a busy weekend. We thought we’d wind down on Sunday night by taking the kids out for ice cream after dinner. But when we pulled up to Dairy Queen, this is what we saw in the back seat.
sleeping kids

So much for ice cream, heh?

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  1. Irishmama7 says:

    Best story and photo ever! So did you and hubby get to have some conversation time? Glad you had a great weekend and Happy Birthday to your littlest!


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