Leftover Turkey? Throw this Turkey Noodle Soup in your Crock Pot!

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I know many of you are still frantically throwing your Thanksgiving meal together. And to help you, can I suggest: The Secret To Cooking A Perfect Turkey...(is only $3.99!) 10 Stress-Free Thanksgiving Sides 10 Thanksgiving Pies You Need On Your Table But while you're doing all that planning, … [Continue reading]

The secret to cooking a perfect turkey is only $3.99

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I got you with that title didn't I? The perfect turkey. Is that even possible? I've cooked a lot of turkeys, but only a few really good ones. Last year my husband and I had a turkey battle where I followed the recipe below and he smoked one outside on the porch. I totally won. I won … [Continue reading]

Itty-Bitty Crustless Pumpkin Pies

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Ask me what the best part of almost any pie is and I'll tell you -- the crust. I am a sucker for a homemade, flaky double pie crust dusted with a … [Continue reading]

Easy Chicken Lo Mein

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Ask my children what their favorite dinner is and you'll get the following answers: Kate (age 11): noodles and salad Carter (age 8): anything with … [Continue reading]

Caramel Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt

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I am knee-deep in butter and flour testing cookies for my annual Holiday Cookie Countdown series, which begins December 1. As usual, I am so excited … [Continue reading]

Got Halloween Candy? Make these Double Peanut Butter Krispie Treats!

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If you know me at all, you know I turn to rice krispie treats whenever I forget I'm supposed to bring something. It's a sure sign if I show up with … [Continue reading]

Apple Cider Floats

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This isn't really a recipe, per se. It only has two ingredients, but they're two ingredients I've never thought to put together before. I had a few … [Continue reading]

Bacon-Kissed Mac ‘n Cheese

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There is something in the water in my neck of the woods because mamas are popping out babies all the time. I go in phases with the meals I bring them … [Continue reading]

Halloween Monster Pretzel Cookies

Sweet and Salty Monster Cookies 1_small

Last year our house was on the market and whenever we got a showing, I tried to leave some warm cookies. It made the house smell good, sure, but I … [Continue reading]

Slow-Cooker Pineapple Chicken Verde (3 ingredients!)

Pineapple Chicken Verde 1 slow cooker crock pot_small

Two things that are awesome about this recipe: 1.) Three ingredients. I mean, who doesn't love a truly simple recipe. 2.) Slow cooker. A busy … [Continue reading]