Easy Baked Chicken Fajitas

baked chicken fajitas 1_small

This is the meal I've been bringing to all of our friends that have had babies lately. My family loves it and it's super easy to make. It's easy enough to tailor to any particular family's taste (spicy, mild, more veggies, less chicken etc.) and the flavor is just awesome. I pack it in a basket … [Continue reading]

Back-to-school Blues-berry Muffins

lemon blueberry muffins 1_small

My kids went back to school this week. I'm a little on-the-fence about it. On one hand, they've really been bickering and a little bored for the past week, so it's good. On the other hand, we are kind of a nocturnal family, so getting everyone up, dressed and fed by 8am (730 for my middle schooler) … [Continue reading]

Butterscotch Bombs

butterscotch bombs 1_small

One of my favorite cookies in the whole wide world is an oatmeal scotchie. The combination of brown sugar, butterscotch and oatmeal is so much more … [Continue reading]

Easy Mexican Pasta Salad

Mexican Pasta Salad 1_small

We love this pasta salad so much it becomes a main dish every time we make it. We take whatever steak or chicken we have leftover from grilling one … [Continue reading]

Frosted Lemon Sugar Cookie Bars

frosted lemon sugar cookie bars 1_small

Two years ago this week we celebrated the life of my sweet step-father-in-law. He had been on hospice for a few weeks, so his passing wasn't a total … [Continue reading]

Simple homemade stir-fry sauce

Kid's favorite stir fry

Does your family have "that meal" that you make almost every week? Spaghetti, tacos, grilled cheese...whatever...our go-to meal is always stir-fry. My … [Continue reading]

Red, White & Blue Marshmallow Pops

red white & blue marshmallow pops 1_small

Got bored kids? Give them some sprinkles, marshmallows and a saucer of water and let them go to town on these. Mine did these from start to finish on … [Continue reading]

Garlic Chicken Tortellini

garlic chicken tortellini 1_small

I love it when a whole lotta flavor comes from very few ingredients. That's the case with this super fast meal. It's all about the garlic, thyme, salt … [Continue reading]

Banana Man-cakes for Dad

banana mancakes pancakes 1_small

My kids loooove making breakfast on Mother's Day and Father's Day. It doesn't always turn out perfectly (we've had burnt toast a few times!) but the … [Continue reading]

Tuxedo Tiramisu for Dad (no-bake!)

tuxedo cake for Dad 1_small

If you can't tell from the pics, I let my kids make this cake for Jeff. It's a little lumpy, a little imperfect and they might have gotten a little … [Continue reading]