Grilled Peach Sorbet

grilled peach sorbet

Oh dear God is it ever hot here. We're on our ninth day of 95+ degree temps; my flowers are wilting, my lawn is brown, even my dog won't hang out on the porch for more than five minutes. What's a girl to do? Why, make ice cream, of course. Actually sorbet. I bought the most delicious … [Continue reading]

How I Got My Kids To Eat Brussels Sprouts

best brussels sprouts 1_small

Brussels sprouts were that food for me when I was a kid. You know, that food that I would pretend to vomit while eating (in my defense, they did trip my gag reflex), that food I would attempt to hide in the small ridge underneath our dining table, that food I would attempt to sneak on to my sisters’ … [Continue reading]

Pasta with Summer Veggies

skillet cheesy pasta with summer veggies 1_small

I love when an entire dinner can be cooked in one skillet. Now this one technically may not qualify since you have to boil some pasta separately, but … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies

chocolate peanut butter pudding cookies 1_small

So today's recipe was a bit of an accident. I was trying to make a treat to take to a friend who's very heart-health conscious. I dreamt up these … [Continue reading]

Chipotle Copycat: Cilantro Lime Rice

chipotle cilantro lime rice 1_small

Last week I posted these Chipotle copycat chicken burrito bowls and someone emailed me wondering if I had a copycat recipe for the cilantro lime rice … [Continue reading]

Chipotle Copycat: Chicken Burrito Bowls

Chicken Burrito Bowls 1_small

These days the only restaurant our whole family agrees on is Chipotle. As far as restaurants go, that's not a bad deal but it does add up after a … [Continue reading]

Oh My! Oreo Double Stuff Pudding Cookies

Oreo Double Stuff Pudding Cookies 1_small

We are back to regularly schedule programming after returning from a little of this: And this: We have a regular beach spot we like to … [Continue reading]

Recipe re-do: Chocolate chip caramel pretzel cookie bars

chocolate chip caramel pretzel bars 1_small

These aren't exactly a new recipe, I posted the original back in April and it has become one of my most-requested and most-pinned recipes. I wanted to … [Continue reading]

Grilled Green Beans (yes, you can!)

grilled green beans 1_small

Never thought about throwing your green beans on the grill? Me either. Until I was grilling up some steaks and went to blanch the green beans I was … [Continue reading]

Root Beer Float…Milk?

root beer float milk 1_small

Root beer floats have been my favorite summer dessert since I was five years old. My mom used to buy Shasta root beer (hey, it was cheaper!) and a big … [Continue reading]