S’mores Pudding Cookies

Smores Pudding Cookies 1_small

I'm going to throw this out there...these are one of the best cookies I've ever made. Really. They're nice and thick, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and the flavor is out of this world. I've made S'mores cookies before, but they've always turned out too thin and flat for me. Great … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Cherry Sheet Cake with YUM! Frosting

chocolate cherry sheet cake 1_small

Need to impress a crowd but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen? Boom. I got ya covered. I've been making this for so long I forgot it's an actual recipe. It's the one dessert I almost always have everything on hand for and can mix it up in five minutes flat. The homemade frosting is key. … [Continue reading]

Red, White & Blue Tiramisu

red white blue tiramisu 1_small

Red white & blue. Tir-a-mis-u. Red white & blue. Tir-a-mis-u. Red white & blue. Tir-a-mis-u. That's what my kids are repeating as … [Continue reading]

Baked Spaghetti

baked spaghetti 1_small

This seems like a ridiculous recipe to post in June, no? It's a comfort food kind of recipe and I should probably save it for winter but it's so easy … [Continue reading]

One-handed, one-bowl banana bread

one handed one bowl banana bread 1_small

I used to do a lot of cooking and baking with this little guy strapped to me in a Baby Bjorn. (Please note I did not do anything dangerous like cook … [Continue reading]

Summer Thai Salad

alex baseball

We spend a chunk of our summer at the baseball field. It is hot and sticky and I spend most of my time trying to entertain my two-year-old, but we … [Continue reading]

S’mores On A Stick

S'more Pops 1

There is nothing I won't eat if it involves three of my favorite ingredients...graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. But put 'em all on a stick … [Continue reading]

Pucker Up! Homemade Strawberry Limeade

homemade strawberry limeade 1_small

During the summer, we sometimes go to our local Sonic drive-in daily to get strawberry limeades. They're so tangy and refreshing, but I know the Sonic … [Continue reading]

The Best Darn Chocolate Chip Muffins Ever

chocolate chip muffins 2_small

Last week I posted these lemon chia seed muffins . They were soooo good, but for this first batch of "summer vacation" muffins I knew I wanted to go … [Continue reading]

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

classic chocolate chip bars 1_small

Do you ever get invited to parties where you don't know anyone? Or you just know the host and no one else? It's happened to us a couple of times as … [Continue reading]