Avocado Lime Chicken Burgers

chicken avocado lime burgers 1_small

I found the idea for this recipe in an online message board somewhere and it's been brewing in my head. The crux of the idea was to use the … [Continue reading]

Easy Chicken Pesto Pasta

six ingredient chicken pesto pasta 1_small

Sometimes on the weekend Jeff will grill extra chicken breasts and leave it to me to "find something creative to do with them" during the … [Continue reading]

Patriotic Cookie Pie

patriotic cookie pie 1_small

Are you hosting or going to a barbecue over Memorial Day? I've got the perfect dessert...it's homemade, delicious and couldn't be easier. What's … [Continue reading]

Party Punch!!!

best party punch ever 1_small

With all graduation and Memorial Day weekend festivities coming up, it occurred to me that I've never shared my favorite punch-to-serve-a-crowd. I … [Continue reading]

Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken

baked sweet and sour chicken 1_small

We love the sweet and sour chicken from our local Chinese take-out joint. So when I found a baked version online that claimed it was just as good as … [Continue reading]

Soft Batch Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

malted chocolate chip cookies 1_small

I have about 437 cannisters of malt powder left from my last pregnancy. I craved malted flavor in everything sweet; I even threw it in yogurt (which … [Continue reading]

Overnight Baked Apple French Toast

Overnight baked apple french toast 2_small

Before Easter, I was experimenting with some baked French toast casseroles because I wanted to find the perfect one to share with you.  I looooove a … [Continue reading]

One-Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

creamy chicken tortilla soup 1_small

Don't run away because there's a long list of ingredients in this recipe. Many of them are spices, which take just a second to scoop and dump in the … [Continue reading]

Score! Easy March Madness Cookies

basketball cookies_small

These pics don't do the super-cute cookies justice. I actually made them during the tournament LAST year, and had to snap the pics really fast as we … [Continue reading]

Pepperoni Swirl Bread

pepperoni swirl pizza bread 1_small

Living in Kansas, NCAA tournament time is right up there with birthdays and anniversaries in terms of importance. We don't miss a game that our … [Continue reading]