One-Pot Chicken and Rice

This post should really be titled "The Basic Meal I Make Every Single Week Because It's The Only Thing My Kids All Like". This is that meal that I … [Continue reading]

Banana Bars with Browned Butter Frosting


A few years ago I won this recipe contest for Cooking Light. My recipe was for Roasted Banana Bars with Browned Butter Frosting and it really was one … [Continue reading]

How To Throw A Last-Minute Party

best spinach artichoke dip 1_small

I am always forgetting I volunteered to do things. Like host a meeting at my house -- with 15-20 people. At dinner time. Seriously, y'all. It's … [Continue reading]

New house pics!


We are moving in this week! After eighteen long months and two "temporary" moves, I can't believe I actually typed that sentence. Many of you came … [Continue reading]

Best Bruschetta Evah…

best bruschetta 1_small

I had to throw this one out there since the tomatoes are still sooooooo delicious right now. There is nothing sophisticated or fancy about this … [Continue reading]

Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownie Pie

peanut butter pretzel brownie pie 1_small

I won't even pretend to try to convince you that there are any health benefits to this dish. (Wait, there is peanut butter. Protein, right?) You … [Continue reading]

Better-Than-The-Box Mac ‘n Cheese

better than the boxed stuff mac n cheese 1_small

I started making this years ago when I discovered how much my first born loved mac 'n cheese. In fact, she loved it over ALL OTHER FOODS. And having … [Continue reading]

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Cookies

white chocolate caramel apple cookies 1_small

Is it September yet? YES IT IS! So even though it's 80 degrees, it's okay to talk about yummy fall flavors. Because SEPTEMBER, people! September … [Continue reading]

Easy Nutella Brownie Cups

easy nutella brownie cups 1_small

Do you ever need just a little chocolate something? Bigger than a bite but smaller than a whole cupcake? Not too big. Not too small. These little … [Continue reading]

Easy Baked Chicken Fajitas

baked chicken fajitas 1_small

This is the meal I've been bringing to all of our friends that have had babies lately. My family loves it and it's super easy to make. It's easy … [Continue reading]