No-Bake Scotcheroo Bars

When you say it out loud, the combination sounds sorta weird -- chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter? It seems like too many competing flavors, … [Continue reading]

Luscious Glazed Lemon Sheet Cake

This is some good stuff, kids. If you're looking for something to bring to a party, potluck or church event, or maybe just looking for a delish … [Continue reading]

Copycat Chicken Lo Mein

My hoodlums kids have this routine when we eat lo mein from our local Chinese takeout joint. They hold a forkful of noodles high over their head and … [Continue reading]

Magnolia Banana Pudding

There is a bakery in New York City that I try to hit every time I go. Magnolia Bakery was one of the original bakeries to start the cupcake craze, but … [Continue reading]

Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Taquitos. Anyone else have kids who adore them? Straight out of the frozen food section, my kids would inhale these rolled up tortillas 'n meat for … [Continue reading]

Slow-Cooker Tomato Tortellini Soup

I first tried this recipe from Cooking Classy right before the holidays and knew it was a keeper, but wanted to make a few tweaks for our family. Fast … [Continue reading]

Milk Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Cookies

There is a secret ingredient in these cookies. Are you ready for it? Cream cheese. Weird, right? You don't taste it at all, but it really does … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothies

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S’mores Bars

Well, shoot. You know how every year I pick my top 10 favorite recipes of the year? I think I have the first one. These are so good. Like … [Continue reading]

Heart-y Red Velvet Banana Bread

Swoon. How cute is this banana bread with a pound cake heart right in the middle? You would never guess how ridiculously easy it was to make this … [Continue reading]