What I’ve Been Baking For Nine Months…

Isn’t he the bees knees?

He joined us last Thursday afternoon, after a ridiculously easy labor and delivery. We are loving snuggling with him!

More for the kitchen soon…but had to share our newest (and sweetest) edition!

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  1. Irishmama7 says:

    I know he is so much bigger now, but this photo is just so precious! Thanks so much for introducing not only your loved ones but so many delicious dishes. MMMmmmm MMMmmm Good!

  2. I know he’s over a year now but I love this picture and just had to share that my son and yours are only 4 days apart! My Liam was born 2 weeks early on November 8th, 2012 (he was actually due on Thanksgiving Day!) 🙂 ]
    Thanks for a wonderful site with so many wonderful goodies and for allowing us into your families lives!! God Bless!!

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