Score! Easy March Madness Cookies

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These pics don’t do the super-cute cookies justice. I actually made them during the tournament LAST year, and had to snap the pics really fast as we were late for our beloved Jayhawks’ second round match-up with the Wichita Shockers.

(That game didn’t go so well. Grrrr.)

But these cookies did.

They’re not really a recipe per se — the kids can do these almost totally themselves — but the finished product is so much cuter than the sum of the “recipe’s” humble parts.

All you need are some Oreos and Wilton Candy Melts (I found mine at Michael’s but they are at any craft store and some Walmarts). You can let the kids do these for a slightly less perfect version (like I did) or you can take charge and make them Martha Stewart-worthy. Either way, they’re sinfully delish.

May these delectable cookies bring your team better karma than they brought mine. Amen.

Score! Easy March Madness Cookies

Score!  Easy March Madness Cookies


14 Double Stuff Oreos

1 package Wilton Orange Candy Melts

1/2 package Wilton Brown Candy Melts


Melt orange candies according to package directions. (I use a 2-cup glass liquid measure that's nice and tall for easy dipping.) Dip Oreos completely and set on waxed paper or silpat. If your finger mark leaves a little Oreo showing through, drizzle a little melted candy on and smooth with back of spoon.

Let orange-coated Oreos harden. (This only takes about 30 min.)

Melt brown candies and pour melted mixture into a resealable sandwich bag. Slice a teeny-tiny corner off the bottom of the bag and pipe basketball lines as shown. I find it easier to do all the vertical lines first, let them harden for a sec, then do the horizontal.

EAT! Hopefully these bring your team better luck than they brought mine 🙂

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