Root Beer Float…Milk?

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Root beer floats have been my favorite summer dessert since I was five years old. My mom used to buy Shasta root beer (hey, it was cheaper!) and a big tub of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream and at least once a week we’d go to town on some giant floats.

Everyone always thought I was weird because I’d let my float get all melty and then slurp it up through the straw. To this day, I don’t like to scoop it with a spoon because you get too much ice cream and not enough root beer. It has to be the proper ratio, people. (I also feel like this about cake and frosting, but that’s another post.)

Hence today’s recipe. Who wants to wait for the whole root beer float to melt? Why not make it that way to begin with? I wish I could take credit for the invention of Root Beer Float Milk, but the good folks at my local dairy coined it first. They sell it at my grocery store along with other amazing creations like apple pie milk, orange crème milk and — wait for it — cotton candy milk.

I can always buy my beloved root beer float milk at the store, but most of you can’t. So here’s how you make it. The only important thing is that the ingredients are icy cold. Really. Because this tastes amazing all frosty, but, as you can imagine, not so good lukewarm. Also it really does have to be whole milk or cream. If it isn’t, the whole drink is just too…thin.

Root Beer Float…Milk?

Root Beer Float…Milk?


1 cup root beer (not diet)

1/4 cup whole milk, half and half or heavy cream


Make sure ingredients are ice cold. Pour each ingredient in to a glass and stir.

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  1. Everyone in my home things I am weird. I love this combo and have done it for years. So yummy!

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