Party Punch!!!

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With all graduation and Memorial Day weekend festivities coming up, it occurred to me that I’ve never shared my favorite punch-to-serve-a-crowd. I love this. My kids love this. My husband loves this. My girlfriends really love this with a splash of vodka. It’s just a great all-purpose crowd pleasing punch.

And it couldn’t be easier.

I’ve been making this for years, though I’m pretty sure the recipe is not my own. I have it scratched on an old piece of notebook paper from my college days, but I’ve found other versions online too. Savor Home Blog even calls it by the exact same name I do, so I think it’s safe to say this recipe has been around the block 🙂

You can use diet soda if you want to cut the sugar a bit. I really don’t notice too much of a difference. (Maybe because I usually drink the version with vodka in it! :-))

p.s. Don’t add the ice til the last minute so it doesn’t dilute the punch.

Party Punch!!!

Party Punch!!!


1 cup frozen concentrated lemonade (thawed)

3/4 cup frozen concentrated orange juice (thawed)

2 cups cranberry juice

3 cups water

1/4 cup sugar

2 liters Sprite or 7Up, chilled

Freshly sliced lemons and oranges



Add the lemonade, orange juice, cranberry juice, water and sugar to large punch bowl or drink server. Stir until all of the sugar is dissolved. Add soda, ice, lemons and oranges. Stir and enjoy!

Serves 15-20

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