Oreo Reindeer and Snowmen

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I always try to include one recipe you can do with the littles and this was our winner this year. It’s definitely not my original recipe — actually I didn’t even follow a recipe, but we had seen pictures before and just gave it a whirl. After making these a few times we wrote down a few tips and tricks and included them in “recipe” below. This one is so easy, it’s embarrassing BUT they turn out really cute and the kids love to leave them on their friends’ doorsteps right after we make them. (Also, they’re even cuter when they’re not perfect!)

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Oreo Reindeer and Snowmen

If we’re making both of these, we find it easier to do all the reindeer and then the snowmen (or vice versa). Doing them both together gets a little crazy and the chocolate coating hardens quickly.


1 package of Double Stuff Oreos
1 bag (12oz each) of milk chocolate candy melts and one bag of white melts (I use Wilton’s)
24 lollipop sticks
1 small bag of mini-pretzels
Mini M&Ms (red and orange will be the only colors you need)


FOR REINDEER: Break apart pretzels by using a sharp knife (I do this part ahead of time) and carefully cut in half (vertically) down the center. Then cut the round tops off, leaving a “Y” shape.

FOR SNOWMEN AND REINDEER: Gently twist apart Oreos. Some will break — it’s fine. (We call those LUNCH.)

Place candy melts into a bowl. Melt candy melts in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring between, until completely melted and smooth. Press a lollipop stick into white filling, making an indentation. Dip stick into melted chocolate and spread chocolate on top of white filling. Place stick into indentation and set top of cookie back on, cementing the cookie back together around the stick.

Allow chocolate to harden. If you set cookies on a large plate as you put them together, you can place the entire plate into the fridge to speed the hardening process up.

Once hardened, pick the cookie up using the lollipop stick and set into melted chocolate.

Spoon melted chocolate over the Oreo to coat it. Gently tap the stick on the bowl’s edge to allow excess chocolate to drip off. Slide bottom of cookie along edge of bowl to remove excess chocolate.
Set cookie on parchment or waxed paper.

FOR REINDEER: Place pretzel “antlers” on the top of the Oreo, and set nose (red mini M&M) on the front of the Oreo.

FOR SNOWMEN: Place nose (orange mini M&M) in center of Oreo and press to set.

Allow chocolate to harden completely.

FOR SNOWMEN: Once chocolate has hardened, use an edible pen to draw eyes and mouth.

Serve as-is, or tie up in cello treat bags to give as gifts!

Makes 24 cookies.

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