Brûléed pumpkin pie (super easy!)

You know that sweet, crispy topping that adorns the top of creme brûlée? It looks a little like this:

I heart that topping so. Those flaky bits of torched sugar are better than the creamy custard underneath. They’re better than a whole vat of silky chocolate. They’re better than…

We’ll stop there.

Did you know you can adorn your pumpkin pie with that same brûléed crust on top? It’s super easy and adds a whole new flavor profile to basic pumpkin pie. You can even do it with (gasp!) storebought pie and make it look like your own gourmet creation!

I don’t have a chef’s torch (though they’re readily available at most home goods stores), so I used our butane stick lighter. It’s not as powerful, so takes longer to torch the pie, but still gets the job done. When I do this for Thanksgiving, I’ll go get the chef’s torch.

Brûléed pumpkin pie (super easy!)

Brûléed pumpkin pie (super easy!)


1 9-inch pumpkin pie (your favorite recipe...or your favorite storebought creation!)

2-4 tablespoons sugar

A chef's torch or butane stick lighter


Just before serving, generously sprinkle sugar over top of pie. Don't be skimpy, it needs a good thick layer (should not be able to see the pie through it) in order to torch well. Avoid crust.

Carefully glide your torch over the sugar until small, caramelized bubbles form. (If you're not seeing them, add more sugar.)

Serve immediately with spiced whipped cream.

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