After-School Snacks Video (starring my hoodlums)

Do you guys have a snack drawer? Snack cabinet? Snack bin?

Ours is a drawer — two drawers actually — filled with nuts, applesauce, fruit leathers and always, always granola bars. My husband used to joke that I should buy stock in Quaker because we singlehandedly kept them in business with our granola bar purchases.

Quaker (and other granola bar companies) have come a long way in making their bars healthier, but there are still a long list of ingredients that aren’t my favorite. I wouldn’t worry about it if my kids didn’t eat them every day.

So we learned to make our own. And while we were at it, we learned how to make strawberry milk that tastes better than the powdered version you buy in the store. My kids will vouch for that, I promise.

Oh, and did I mention some cameras came in to film us doing this?

This was actually part of a video series I did for BabyCenter. I love that my older kids joined me for this one and were amazingly well-behaved. I love that they weren’t afraid to lick their hands — because that’s what we do in my kitchen. And I love that I got to wear fake eyelashes and had a make-up artist 🙂

Here’s a quick rundown of the other videos I did. Baby Cash makes an adorable appearance in a couple of them too!

Thai Noodle Bowls
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Baby-on-your-hip Banana Bread
How to Make Your Own Tasty Baby Food

(If you don’t feel like pausing and writing down ingredients, the actual recipe is here.)

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