Snickerdoodle Bars

I'm a HUGE fan of bar cookies because they are so effortless. No endless scooping and putting multiple trays in and out of the oven -- but still the same delicious result. Snickerdoodles are the one cookie everyone in my family loves, so we figured learning to make them in bar form was a pandemic … [Continue reading]

Caramel Espresso Squares

Chocolate, coffee, caramel and graham cracker crust? It's all my favorite things married together in a cute little dessert sandwich. Make these. They're delicious. And don't be scared of the "espresso" -- it's not overpowering at all and really just enhances the chocolate flavor. … [Continue reading]

Soft Lemon Ricotta Cookies

If you've had the soft Lemon Ricotta cookies from the Nordstrom Cafe -- these are a pretty good copycat. They were Jeff's favorite of the series for … [Continue reading]

Irish Cream Chocolate Chippers

Bailey's and chocolate chip cookies? Why did it take me 40+ years to know they're a perfect holiday match??? The espresso powder and Bailey's elevate … [Continue reading]

Chai-Kissed Chocodoodles

This is a blast-from-the-past cookie that we made for the 12 Days of Cookies series TEN years ago! Since we've been doing this so long, the kids asked … [Continue reading]

Raspberry Thumbprints

This year my older two kiddos got to pick a recipe they wanted to make (with no help or input from me!) This was the one my oldest chose, and she did … [Continue reading]

Toasted Coconut Chai Shortbread Cookies

This recipe isn't mine -- but it won the Go Bold With Butter Christmas Cookie Contest in 2016 and I can totally see why. This is special cookie -- … [Continue reading]

Salted Brownie Crackles

Starting out with MY favorite of the season...these salted brownie crackle cookies are the equivalent of flourless chocolate cake in cookie form! … [Continue reading]

Double Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark

Every year I get a friend or two who says "I just don't bake...I'm terrible at it!" I totally get it -- I imagine their feelings about baking are … [Continue reading]

Boston Cream Pie Cookie Cups

These pretty cups have a whole lotta flavor. A buttery cookie crust, rich vanilla custard filling and dark chocolate drizzle all dive in a little cup … [Continue reading]