No food, but I do have scorpions and snuggles

I’m woefully late in posting today and I don’t even have a recipe. If you could fire me, I bet you would.

Bad blogger.

I spent the last four days in beautiful Nashville, TN with Kate and 16,000 other competitive cheerleaders. Here she is doing a scorpion in front of the Nashville skyline. (Sidenote: do you know why that’s called a scorpion? I do. Because it HURTS!)
Nashville scorpion

If you know me, you know I don’t really know much about cheer. But I love Kate so much I donned my sparkly red and black spirit wear and sat around for a bazillion hours so I could support her two minute performance. Twice.
Nashville spirit wear

And, of course, she was amazing.
Nashville heel stretch

And her team kicked a$$.

Here’s the thing about competitive cheer. It’s not a bunch of rah-rah-shake-your-pom-poms. (There are no pom-poms.) It’s hard core tumbling, jumping and throwing people up into the air — and CATCHING THEM. It’s crazy athletic and I am really proud of Kate and her team. They are some of the best athletes I’ve ever seen.

But, in light of all the excitement, I didn’t cook any food. So, today, I got nothin’.

(Except I did get this on the bus ride. Rare moments. Love this one.)

Back on Thursday with real food. Promise.

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