Egads! An all-in-one Thanksgiving meal cake!

If you thought Turducken was weird…

Chow has created this season’s conversation piece…the all-in-one Thanksgiving Turkey Cake. Dreading the coordination of all those Thanksgiving side dishes? Tired of borrowing your neighbor’s serving dishes to make sure everything has a place on the table? Wonder why you spend so much time on a zillion menu items when “they all end up in the same place anyway” (That’s a direct quote from my dad.)

Well, Chow has your back. They’ve put it all together for you in a streamlined masterpiece — a seven-layer all-in-one Thanksgiving meal cake. Plop this one on the table and you done. Finis. Layered with ground turkey (2 layers), mashed potatoes (2 layers), cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes and marshmallows, this baby has it all and — they claim — it actually tastes delicious.

As someone who requires a clear 1-inch barrier between each distinct item on my plate, I am grossed out. But as someone who has an Excel workplan for big holiday meals (don’t act surprised…you knew I was a geek), this could certainly cut down on my coordination and sheer number of dishes.

Could this make an appearance on your Thanksgiving table? If not, you can check out my favorite recipes for more traditional turkey here.

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