Apple Cider Floats

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This isn’t really a recipe, per se. It only has two ingredients, but they’re two ingredients I’ve never thought to put together before. I had a few cups of apple cider left and needed to come up with something quickly for a snack when the entire neighborhood ended up at my house after school one day. I had a huge tub of vanilla ice cream and these cute little mason jars…so this idea became a reality in about two minutes.

The kids INHALED these. I know there are healthier snacks, but this was so worth it. It was their idea to sip it through cinnamon stick “straws” after the ice cream had melted. I went heavy on the ice cream, because I didn’t have a ton of cider left.

I think it’s safe to say the kids were very happy with the result.

(It is also safe to say I just ate one for breakfast.)

Apple Cider Floats

Apple Cider Floats


4 cups apple cider

4 cups vanilla bean ice cream

cinnamon sticks


Scoop ice cream into cups. Pour apple cider over the top and insert cinnamon stick "straw". Serve immediately.

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