A Pause in Programming…

Friends, my heart is so heavy today I just can’t post what I had planned. Jeff and I attended a funeral for a dear friend of ours, someone that died very suddenly and much too early.

Today has been heartbreaking in so many ways. We’ve hugged so much and cried so many tears, I can barely focus on this screen. But nothing prepared me to witness the grief of a mother and children who are mourning the loss of their husband/father far too soon. Devastated. That’s the best way I can describe their grief. Gobsmacked. That’s the best way I can describe their shock. No one should have to fight their way through that.

I’m sorry I can’t post a recipe today. It doesn’t seem right to talk about my strawberry tart in the wake of such grief.

Go hug your loved ones. You just have no idea when you might not be able to anymore.

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